Short writing assignment about Asian history

Please write a one-page response( Double- spaced, 12pt, 1 inch margins) about Sun Yat-Sen(China)’ views of nationalism.

The assignment is not asking for biographical details like place of birth, family history etc, but rather asking you to provide insights about his intellectual stance on the subject of nationalism by answering following questions.

1). What was Sun Yat-sen’s conception of the nation?

2). Did the experience of colonialism or engagement with Europe shape these views, and if so, how?

3). What other factors shaped this person’s views?

The sources should be journals, book, and newspapers rather than Wikipedia or similar crowd-sourced sites, and please cite them. (at least 2)

Also, please use parenthetical references(author, page number) to cite your usages of these sources in your response, for example: (Mishra, 16).

No plagiarism.

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