the existing law on sex with minors, synthesis essay help

write an sythesis essay based on the article and question given (pls see attached). APA citation is needed. Singapore based content.

In about 750 words, write a synthesis essay on the factors that must be taken into consideration in reviewing the existing law on sex with minors. You must formulate a thesis about this issue and provide evidence that will support your thesis. The thesis for this TMA01 is a viewpoint that does not have to be persuasive – that is, it is the conclusion you arrive at based on summarising and synthesising the information you researched on this topic. Relevant information for you to gather would be:

 Issues (legal or social or educational or etc.) surrounding cases on sex with minors  Evidence for existing law  Evidence against existing law  Improvements to existing law

There has been much discussion in the media with regard to the
punishment meted out to Joshua Robinson in the underage sex case. Many
issues in relation to penalties in such cases have been debated in the
discussions. It has led to the Home Affairs and Law Minister to direct
his ministries to review the existing law. The two articles provided
below reflect some of the discussions regarding this issue in Singapore.

Guidance Notes

1.Use process writing to develop a rhetorical structure for your essay.

2.Strengthen your thesis with relevant examples and illustrations.

  • You may include any additional but relevant information to the ideas that have already been given in the scenario and articles.
  • You should use at least 7-10 research sources to help you write your essay. The given articles are considered as a separate research source each and can count towards the 5 research sources. Synthesise information from these various sources in your writing.
  • You are to use credible and reliable sources to help you write this essay. Evaluate information critically from various sources in your response. Marks will be deducted for non-credible and unreliable content.
  • Remember to use accurate grammar, correct sentence structures and a tone appropriate to academic writing. Cite sources in your writing using the proper citation and referencing style. Marks will be deducted for poor English.

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