Organizational psychology Lab exercise- APA 6th Format, assignment help

Hey, I need help with this lab report it has a 1000 word limit. please find attached the powerpoint lecture slides, and the attached pdf which contains the vital data and lab instructions. please make sure you include all references and the lab report is to be written in APA 6th edition. ive posted the instructions below and they are also found at the bottom of the pdf as question 3. Organizational psychology Lab exercise- APA 6th Format

[1000 words]

Personality-Job fit

Complete laboratory exercise

Note, your data and the data from another [older person] must be included in your report

Answer the following:

1.Explain Holland’s theory including the following four points: describe and give an example of six personality types; relationship between personality type and job preference; personality-fit and job satisfaction; and, compatibility between occupational fields

2.Relate lab exercise findings to Holland’s theory on Person-job fit

3.Relate lab exercise findings to work-life balance – Person-leisure and job-leisure compatibility

4.Explain what other factors will determine job selection

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