7-to-8 minutes interactive presentation with visual aids to a managerial audience, communications homework help

(2) Interactive Presentation. Give a 7- to 8-minute interactive talk with visual aids to a

managerial audience. You must not only allow, but encourage questions during the

presentation (but within the 7- to 8-minute total length). NOTE: You are responsible

controlling the pace of the presentation so that you can manage to cover key points.

Interruptions take more time than you expect, so plan accordingly. Choose a specific

business audience and context requiring you to persuade someone to do something. You

may base the presentation on material in one of your other courses, on a paper or research

project you have done, or on your own experience. (Some examples are given below.)

Because you will want other students to ask appropriate questions, choose a topic they

are likely to be familiar with or can understand easily. At the time of your presentation,

give your instructor in writing a brief description of your situation (including the subject,

the audience, the context, and your credibility). Also, bring a paper copy of your slides.

They can be in handout mode (no more than 6 slides/page, please) and do not have to be

in color. You will also describe the audience and context orally before you begin your


Sample Topics

Here are some sample topics to give you ideas:

! Your company wants to expand internationally and is debating between

entering one of two countries. Argue for one country or the other.

! You have been asked to do recruiting for your company. Create a presentation

that you could bring to a business school to entice seniors to interview with


! Management is debating dropping one of the product lines your company

manufactures. Argue for or against this strategy.

! Management is debating merging with another company. You have researched

the company that is the target of the potential merger. Describe that

organization’s “company culture,” and why it is or is not compatible with

your own.

! There is a position open in your division. There are two candidates for the


Make an argument for one of them.

CRITERIA FOR GRADING for Interactive Presentation

1. Strategy: Was your strategy appropriate for the goals, the audience, and the

context as you’ve defined them? Did you achieve the goals you set out for this


2. Structure: Was your structure (relatively direct/relatively indirect) appropriate?

Was the presentation organized in a manner that the audience could easily follow?

Did you use transitions effectively to move from point to point and to move from

questions back to your talk?


3. Content: Have you provided enough detail for the audience to understand your

main points? Did your introduction generate audience interest and preview the

presentation? Did your conclusion wrap up the talk?

4. Delivery: Was your delivery relatively smooth? Did you demonstrate enthusiasm

and an interest in the audience’s needs? Did you use gestures in a way that was

comfortable for you and not distracting to the audience? Did you make eye

contact with all members of the audience?

5. Visual Aids: Did your visual aids enhance your presentation? Did they follow the

principles of good design? Did you use the visuals effectively?

6. Q&A: Did you invite questions at the beginning of your talk? Were you able to

handle interruptions, questions, and comments professionally? Did the content of

your answers satisfy the audience? Did you keep your presentation on track?


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