Head of an Akkadian ruler from Nineveh, modern kuyunjik, art & design homework help

If there are more than one image attached to the post, it is because they are related to each other. Use your best judgement on which image to pick

1 Description- describe what you see- imagine that the person you are describing it to is not there or is blind. How will you make the work of art visible through verbal description? (5 Points Possible)

2 Summary- summarize what you think are the most important pieces of information that you gleaned from the textbook- read the book closely and put it in your own words. (5 Points Possible)

3 Research- go online and find additional information about the image and provide the links for that information for your peers. Make sure to summarize and do not simply cut and paste or give us just the URLs. (5 Points Possible)

4 Contemporary Culture- relate the theme to something that you find in our current visual vernacular on popular culture. This could include a recent article, an appropriation of the image in a contemporary setting. If there is an image in our contemporary culture that relates, post the image as well. Why is this image relevant today? (5 Points Possible)

5 Peer Review- review someone else’s IMAGES post and post a review both positive and negative. Offer additional insights and comment on what you learned from their post. Review an image that you did not work on. (5 Points Possible)

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