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As part of this capstone course, your main Assignment is a major Applied Research Project Proposal, due in Unit 6. You will be working on this Project independently over the next 6 weeks and will be checking in with your instructor throughout the course to discuss your progress and receive any necessary guidance.

Your Applied Research Project Proposal needs to address the overarching question that this course asks, which is, how can we collaborate, innovate, and motivate leadership to create homeland security and emergency management policies that will make our country, and the world, safer and more secure?

Your Assignment for Unit 1 is to create a timeline for completing your Applied Research Project Proposal within the timeframe of the course(6 weeks) and to present your proposed research topic along with initial plans for completing the components of the Project as listed below. This Assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages in length and contain scholarly references to support your choice of research topic. This will be your action plan for completing your capstone research Project for your homeland security program and will be submitted in Unit 6 of this course. Your professor will review your plan and approve it (with revisions, if necessary). Once you hear back from your instructor, it will be your responsibility to update this plan as needed and continue a dialogue with your instructor throughout the term as you work to complete your Final Project. In Unit 3 there is a mandatory progress report as part of your weekly discussion activity.

Your research questions and research design may be based on what you developed in a previous course (within certain parameters), or you may develop and pursue a new research question and design. Keep in mind that your selected topic must deal directly with homeland security and emergency management

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