what is whites only-racism and autism, psychology homework help

View the “Whites Only – Racism and Autism,” “Heroism – Refrigerator
Mothers and Autism,” and “Refrigerator Mothers” presentations in the
Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1, and discuss your reaction
to the presentations and your textbook readings regarding the
refrigerator mother theory. Compare and contrast the attitudes about
mothers of children with ASD then and now. Following that, compare and
contrast attitudes towards children with ASD from educationally,
racially, culturally, and ethnically diverse backgrounds then and now.
In what direction would you like to see the field move in regards to the
diversity of students with ASD and the treatment of families of
children with ASD? How has your biblical worldview framed your opinion?

You must support your assertions in each thread with at least 2 scholarly sources in current APA format. Likewise, you must support your assertions in each reply with at least 2 scholarly sources in current APA format. Acceptable sources include textbooks and journal articles. The Bible does not count as one of the sources in either the thread or the reply. In addition, wikis and blogs are not suitable sources for discussion board threads or replies.

Presentation: Whites Only – Racism and Autism: Refrigerator Mothers

Presentation: Heroism – Refrigerator Mothers and Autism

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